Thoughtful Cambodian

This picture clicked in Cambodia was something special. Seated under the Banyan Tree and in deep thoughts was this child.

The ruins can produce great thinkers and the Banyan Tree under its shade has seen men attaining enlightenment.

Hope this little one too gets a fair share of fame and wisdom!


Global Peace Ambassador!

Global Peace Ambassador

Manna of Peace_1

This classic picture of a smiling Buddha’s head entwined in theĀ roots of the Banyan tree somehow tells a story on what calmness could be inĀ todays complex world. Other than all other learnings this wise one has left behind, this picture is a living proof.Ā There are many a folklore that surround on this event and none of which can be established. But I understand nature has known how precious this stone head of the wise sage isĀ to have ensured the smile and the serene face is left undestroyed since the 14th century for generations to come.

If you want to see this marvel, please visit Wat Mahathat in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

The Wise One!

The Wise One!Wonder why are the owls considered wise? I am sureĀ its definitely not cause they sleep during the day, else many of us would also have easily got the title of wiser or wisest šŸ™‚ These onesĀ got the title bequeathed as the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena, somehow turned to have an owl as her symbol!


In India, Mahalakshmi, Goddess of Wealth comes riding on an Owl and so for many seeing thisĀ bird counts lucky and they take it a premonition of wealth coming their way. Trust me I have seen many from the ones who are resident Indians, the tourists who come here to take a break from the chilling winter back home and the non residents but my bank account is a real proof of this fallacy.

As all 5 fingers are not of the same length, not all Indians have such good thoughts on seeing an Owl. They consider it unlucky.

Nevertheless, am in love with this creature of God. I have considered myself lucky to have come across many of them and they do always give a good shot. Perhaps the love is mutual I guess:) Just look at them moving their head 360 degrees and you will fall in love with them.

Its a Owl Day, love them, save them and let them prosper in this land. You may never know the Goddess of Wealth may consider stepping in your house for this good deed of yours!

Better be good to me or I show my ugly side and scare you:)