A fight with Dark Lords

The burning Star rules the sky today, tomorrow and many days in a year. But then when the dark lords gather, this mighty star loses its sheen, a fight ensues for supremacy between the Fiery Sun and the Rain Lords during the monsoon months in India where one years for the latter to win but then after quenching the thirst the land wishes for the Sun to return and shine bright and rule up there…


Fiery woods

The sun goes down first, but the magnificence of this star is realised in the twilight for one. The land glows as if it’s in flames and as the night gathers speed over the twilight the beautiful flame turns from bright orange to a subdued pink and leaves its admirers in awe….this was one such evening!

Tea cup full of life!

Tea cup full of life: So we all would have read the Arabian Folklore and the famous Genie flowing out of a Bottle or Lamp. Seems it has a distant feathery cousin who pops out of a tiny teacup made of grass and twigs and goes by the name of Paradise Flycatcher.

This one is half the size of a adult human hand but got some great skill to disappear inside this tiny resting hole! I wonder with all the eggs in how does it manage to be comfortable. Of course it should be the mother for sure!!!!!

The King greets you all

The King greets you all: I guess this one definitely deserves the King title and the one who would have christened him definitely needs to be acclaimed.

This beast has style, power, voice, majestic look and much more for the bird, beast and men to be both enamoured and be afraid of him.

At times the Leo may look vulnerable but don’t be deceived by it.

The King Scar Nose from the Sabi Sand Reserve in South Africa was in a good mood for his portfolio shoot after having a dead elephant for breakfast, lunch and dinner😊

Cast in gold

It’s not the yellow metal called gold that’s always precious. The light just before twilight and also called as the golden light is as precious as the yellow metal. Do you doubt it? Go and speak to a photographer and they will swap anything for a great shot in the golden light.

This is not the best capture but getting elephants cast in gold gave much succour to the heart

Moon aping a sun

Sometimes you find the moon aping a sun at twilight. What gives away this act is the craters on this earth’s permanent satellite.

The rising moon on the African Continent was a beauty to admire. Also it was irony on how the dead tree branches just added to the beauty. What an evening it is to get such a sight and it’s much more merrier with an evening drink in hand. Some days are indeed memorable like this one!

Wild Africa

Africa is a delight for wildlife lovers and every moment is unpredictable. Something that I have always seen in Discovery or National Geographic just came true when suddenly there’s total mayhem in the buffalo herd when a pride of lions decided to have one of them for their next meal. Not a close up pic, but the mood and the moment speaks out here.

The suspense kept on building when the pride of 14 lions chose this herd. Most of them remained hidden in the bush facing the buffaloes and two of them left the group and stealthily went to the other side to drive the herd towards the group. The buffalo herd goes ballistic and run for the gold medal. Rest seems predictable. One of the buffaloes met its end and the lions had their dinner😊