Troika, luck bearers!


The last many years were a real drought in terms of tiger sighting. You plan your visits with hope to getting some good shots of the majestic yellow-black striped beasts. The level of hope keeps going up like the stock market with every call of the monkey, peacock, deer etc. But then as the stock market crashes so does the hope too at the end of the trip. As you may feel rubbed in when you realise your neighbor made good money and you lost all in the stock market, the sentiments are similar when fellow guests arrive from their safaris and regale you of their cat sightings…..Grrrr….

And then Ranthambore happened to me. The call of the deer this time turned to be true and then I saw the Troika Luck Bearers waiting for me. After that it’s been raining tigers with my next trip the count increasing to four. But this jinx dasher will remain my favourite for all time to come😊