A fight with Dark Lords

The burning Star rules the sky today, tomorrow and many days in a year. But then when the dark lords gather, this mighty star loses its sheen, a fight ensues for supremacy between the Fiery Sun and the Rain Lords during the monsoon months in India where one years for the latter to win but then after quenching the thirst the land wishes for the Sun to return and shine bright and rule up there…


Cast in gold

It’s not the yellow metal called gold that’s always precious. The light just before twilight and also called as the golden light is as precious as the yellow metal. Do you doubt it? Go and speak to a photographer and they will swap anything for a great shot in the golden light.

This is not the best capture but getting elephants cast in gold gave much succour to the heart


Togetherness: The co-ordinated look, the posture, the closeness, the way they posed was all perfect. The light too was brilliant and the picture of the Mother and Baby Langur came out so perfect. There is some sort of warmth in the way they are together and somewhere seems to give an assurance to the little fellow that mum would take care of that approaching trouble