A fight with Dark Lords

The burning Star rules the sky today, tomorrow and many days in a year. But then when the dark lords gather, this mighty star loses its sheen, a fight ensues for supremacy between the Fiery Sun and the Rain Lords during the monsoon months in India where one years for the latter to win but then after quenching the thirst the land wishes for the Sun to return and shine bright and rule up there…


Painted Fields

Painted Fields: Photographing grass fields can yield good results especially when you have people either weeding or harvesting crops. The colour contrast against green or golden yellow comes out quite well.

These bright colour clad workers gave such a photo opportunity. Its nothing special, but the overall mix of colour makes it special I guess. Somehow it attracts me every time I see a similar combination of colours.

Almighty’s Paintings

Painted Skies РSometimes Almighty gets in the mood to try his hands at painting and the results are always commendable.

Sometimes he prefers heavy strokes, sometimes lots of colors and sometimes just a few but the end result is bliss to the eyes and the heart. It is a moment to appreciate the beauty. When you in the city and end up with grey skies most of the time, such sights are a treat to the sore eyes. Hope you like it!

Opportunity and adversity

It’s the end of January and you pack your bags to visit Tal Chappar, The Kingdom of Blackbucks. In North India, end of January is when the harsh winter bids adieu and the land boasts of pleasant weather.

But then we are in a real world and all that we wish doesn’t come true. The unseasonal rain pushes you to be cooped inside the car and wish the bucks to be bit more courageous and stroll close by your car for you to click. The photographer soul in you ¬†whines for bringing this lousy weather, climate change and blah blah blah. But sometimes we do not realise how opportunity strikes in adversity and that’s what happened here. The cloudy weather, the drizzle and the fog created some magic and the shots really turned out well.

Lesson learnt – stop whining, there’s always some opportunity lurking around! Some more pictures to prove this ūüėä


Mobile Garden – Old meets new!

Have you seen something as this? I have travelled a bit but have not come across a mobile garden as this. Its unique and one of its kind. Kolkata (Calcutta) capital city of West Bengal, India still continue to have such garden taxis. These old Ambassador cars help to fight the carbon footprint war of 21st century. Liked this idea of old meets new!!!!

Road less traveled

Some roads make you believe it’s a gateway to some place like Rivendell, the Elven realm in middle earth. Hold your breath!!!! This is not fantasy but paths in the mortal world where you and me live and breathe.

But one thing that is for sure is once you tread roads as these it is going to add few¬†treasures to your kitty viz; “Peace¬†and Joy” which are precious in today’s time.

Do travel around and experience this surreal ¬†worldūüĎć

Photographs from: Namibia, Tanzania, India and Srilanka