Cast in gold

It’s not the yellow metal called gold that’s always precious. The light just before twilight and also called as the golden light is as precious as the yellow metal. Do you doubt it? Go and speak to a photographer and they will swap anything for a great shot in the golden light.

This is not the best capture but getting elephants cast in gold gave much succour to the heart


Transformation of the Land of Bandits!

Chambal the erstwhile land of the bandits is now a place with thriving population of fresh water Gharials, Crocodiles, TernsĀ and the Indian Skimmer. Chambal river flows between states and this place can be accessible from Delhi, Agra or Bharatpur.

Chambal shows how easy it is for fame to attach itself to the notorious or the good beings. This also proves that the residents of the land are the factor for people toĀ either run away from them or throng to see them.

There are not much accommodation around except the Chambal Safari Lodge.Ā If you prefer a day visit, then you can always drive in from one of the nearest cities Agra or Bharatpur.

My best picture is of the Gharial that makes a statement “All that shines is not Gold”