Tea cup full of life!

Tea cup full of life: So we all would have read the Arabian Folklore and the famous Genie flowing out of a Bottle or Lamp. Seems it has a distant feathery cousin who pops out of a tiny teacup made of grass and twigs and goes by the name of Paradise Flycatcher.

This one is half the size of a adult human hand but got some great skill to disappear inside this tiny resting hole! I wonder with all the eggs in how does it manage to be comfortable. Of course it should be the mother for sure!!!!!


Christening gone wrong

Christening gone wrong: Me, they call a Black Shouldered Kite! I wonder why I was named as such? Was the ornithologist who saw me first was colour blind and missed the ruby red eyes. He could have named me the Ruby Eyed Kite or Precious Kite….Phew!!!!

Let me not be judgemental. Guess I may be snoozing when he spotted me. But if that’s the case I would have preferred the name Snowy Breasted Kite 😉. Humans sometimes make terrible mistakes and we birds have to bear it for the rest of our live and carry such ignominious name. Birds and Beasts are not the only one to bear this brunt always!!! The trend is continuing and now they also try weird names on their offspring too😄😛😉😂

Warning of Doomsday!

Warning of Doomsday!

This picture for me portrays a sad story. Man has cut off life of the tree but then life still clings to it in another form. With development, the balance in ecosystem has turned lopsided with the nature being destroyed at a faster pace. Stephen Hawking’s prediction is to be proved wrong and the destruction may be sooner than he predicted…..God save this planet!


Solar Birdie Eclipse

Parrot Eclipse

You don’t need to wait for few years for this event to happen. Just two things can help you to achieve this:

  • Fight your laziness and wake up early in the morning
  • Shun your sun-down drink and step out hunting for the sun and one or more bird

Not every time you get one resting on a perch, but even the ones on an electric wire do pretty well in adding to the beauty to the otherwise fiery sun.

I hope the birds do realize the beauty they enhance by being in the right place at the right time!

Live up to my name #2 Hornbill

Live up to my name #2 Hornbill


Horn for a bill or a bill that very much resembles a horn! The name for this beautiful bird fits it well. A beautiful bill and looking at its beak’s size on few of the species you may wonder if it hunts an elephant:)

The bird has many a feat to blow its own trumpet other than its splendid beak.

  • They are monogamous breeders – Faithful in this world:)
  • When the female lays eggs, the entrance of its nest which is a cavity in a tree is sealed shut – excellent mason perhaps, very skilled are they.

Wikipedia also says they are the only birds where the first and second neck vertebrae are fused together and this uniqueness is to ensure that its provides the bird a stable platform for carrying the bill. Don’t you now believe in how brilliant is Almighty:) He/ She probably is a great surgeon and does a marvellous job in imagination and creation.

The bird is wide spread so next time you sight one, enjoy the beauty of the bird and its beak.

Hail Hornbill….