Tea cup full of life!

Tea cup full of life: So we all would have read the Arabian Folklore and the famous Genie flowing out of a Bottle or Lamp. Seems it has a distant feathery cousin who pops out of a tiny teacup made of grass and twigs and goes by the name of Paradise Flycatcher.

This one is half the size of a adult human hand but got some great skill to disappear inside this tiny resting hole! I wonder with all the eggs in how does it manage to be comfortable. Of course it should be the mother for sure!!!!!


Thorny Throne

Thorny Throne: How comfortable is this one perched on such a prickly bush. Guess the joy is no more or no less if it would have been a lovely green bush sans the thorns. Perhaps shows when we are going through difficult times, acceptance of the situation, being composed and be optimist that this will pass too is what’s important.

Photography of Loss

Photography of Loss: This photographic expression of the Silver Bill and its loss of a treasure reflects so much similar to ours when we grab some opportunity and the joy associated with it, followed by the grumpy expression when we see it getting  out of hand.

Jobs, achievement, promotion and much more you can associate with it!

But this birdie quickly picks up another feather and reaches that happy stage again. Tells us that everything is momentary and nothing remains permanent. Don’t be grumpy for long😉


Lucky or Cursed?

Lucky or Cursed?


Indian Roller, is also called “Neelkanth (The Blue Throated)”. One of the Trinity Deities in Hinduism,  Shiva goes by this name too. Perhaps that’s is the reason why the Indian Roller is called a harbinger of fortune. Believers especially feel blessed by getting a glimpse of them on the auspicious day of Dussherra.

However, this belief has become a curse to the bright, beautiful and colourful bird as they are captured and caged to amuse the humans. There are many who throng to get a glimpse of them and in this event, the bird trapper mints money, the believers go away with a good feeling and dreaming of lady luck knocking their door but the poor birdie gets tortured. Its worth to ponder would luck ever find its way to you when the one who has to bless is being tortured?

There are good people too who care of them. One of my friend would see the picture of the bird rather seeing them trapped and that’s such a good deed I say👍

Nevertheless, lets now focus on the bird. Move away from the city and you should find them perched on wires, bare trees and are normally visible near grasslands. The plumage is a mix of brown, blue, pale blue and purplish. Their beauty is best visible in flight. The wings when spread are absolutely gorgeous.

Another unique feature of them is when they catch a prey, they keep tossing it up a few times before they fill their belly. I guess they make sure its “dead for sure” 🙂 DSC_4543

Let us all dissuade people from superstition and let the India Roller be a free bird. Am sure it will bless enough for lady luck to come running to your home 🙂

The King of the Fishing Birds!

The King of the Fishing Birds!

Not a Mighty King but a Tiny One am I 


What comes to your mind when you hear “Kingfisher”? Its a shame if the first thing that comes to your mind is the doomed airline or perhaps the flamboyant owner of the doomed airline.

God has created beautiful species of bird which go by the popular name of Kingfisher. Went through a bit of reading to know on why they are called the Kingfisher as there are numerous birds who fish for a living and they all fish well. I guess the royal title goes to this smaller fisher bird species perhaps for their elegance, speed and the increased amount of fishing they do. Hard-worker they are! Its a sight to see them swooping in and out of the water.

There are roughly 90 odd species with the royal Kingly title and they come in various sizes, colours and forms viz., Pygmy, Common, Collared, Stork Billed etc. I think I would need a lifetime to sight all of them. Phew!

They do prefer a change in cuisine occasionally and do try their fishing skills to grab a frog or a crab when they get tired of eating the stinky fish 🙂

You should surely be able to sight one near any lake, creek or river and nowadays even near a man-made waterhole.