A fight with Dark Lords

The burning Star rules the sky today, tomorrow and many days in a year. But then when the dark lords gather, this mighty star loses its sheen, a fight ensues for supremacy between the Fiery Sun and the Rain Lords during the monsoon months in India where one years for the latter to win but then after quenching the thirst the land wishes for the Sun to return and shine bright and rule up there…


Fiery woods

The sun goes down first, but the magnificence of this star is realised in the twilight for one. The land glows as if it’s in flames and as the night gathers speed over the twilight the beautiful flame turns from bright orange to a subdued pink and leaves its admirers in awe….this was one such evening!

Moon aping a sun

Sometimes you find the moon aping a sun at twilight. What gives away this act is the craters on this earth’s permanent satellite.

The rising moon on the African Continent was a beauty to admire. Also it was irony on how the dead tree branches just added to the beauty. What an evening it is to get such a sight and it’s much more merrier with an evening drink in hand. Some days are indeed memorable like this one!


A skin shade lighter or darker has made humans in the past treat the other with reverence or abhor them. Some considered this a mandate to boss over the other just for a shade difference in the skin colour. Over the years with the spread of education and equality this fallacy is being wiped out to some good extent, except some sporadic event where the light of both the Eā€™s has not touched yet. Only diversity and inclusion can take this humankind ahead and to the path of progress!

Silhouettes do speak

When the journey of the sun is about to end for the day, it burns the sky to amber and at this moment silhouettes come to life to speak a story for themselves.

The camel man can speak of his adventures, the toy elephant šŸ˜ may share its woe on its existence devoid of life, the donkey on how it can too eclipse the sun and so on…..

Almighty’s Paintings

Painted Skies – Sometimes Almighty gets in the mood to try his handsĀ at painting and the results are always commendable.

Sometimes he prefersĀ heavy strokes,Ā sometimes lots of colors and sometimes just a few but the end resultĀ is bliss to the eyes and the heart. It is a moment toĀ appreciate the beauty.Ā When you in the city and end up with grey skies most of the time, such sights are a treat to the sore eyes. Hope you like it!