Warning of Doomsday!

Warning of Doomsday!

This picture for me portrays a sad story. Man has cut off life of the tree but then life still clings to it in another form. With development, the balance in ecosystem has turned lopsided with the nature being destroyed at a faster pace. Stephen Hawking’s prediction is to be proved wrong and the destruction may be sooner than he predicted…..God save this planet!



Fiery water!

Have you ever seen fiery blazing water? Am not referring to the water that blazes down the throat which people have after sundown and occasionally even during the day:)

The sun is about to set and you are on your way back from an evening safari and then you turn your head to see a beautiful rhino next to water hole up on fire. The photographer in me yells a big ‘YAY’ for this moment.

Sun can do wonders even when its is about to retire after a hard day’s work. The next recognition should go to the big fat beautiful Rhino to be there at the right time.

PS – Rhinos perhaps like humans also prefers to have some blazing drink at the end of the day:)

Location: Kaziranga, Assam, India

Road less traveled

Some roads make you believe it’s a gateway to some place like Rivendell, the Elven realm in middle earth. Hold your breath!!!! This is not fantasy but paths in the mortal world where you and me live and breathe.

But one thing that is for sure is once you tread roads as these it is going to add few treasures to your kitty viz; “Peace and Joy” which are precious in today’s time.

Do travel around and experience this surreal  world👍

Photographs from: Namibia, Tanzania, India and Srilanka

Transformation of the Land of Bandits!

Chambal the erstwhile land of the bandits is now a place with thriving population of fresh water Gharials, Crocodiles, Terns and the Indian Skimmer. Chambal river flows between states and this place can be accessible from Delhi, Agra or Bharatpur.

Chambal shows how easy it is for fame to attach itself to the notorious or the good beings. This also proves that the residents of the land are the factor for people to either run away from them or throng to see them.

There are not much accommodation around except the Chambal Safari Lodge. If you prefer a day visit, then you can always drive in from one of the nearest cities Agra or Bharatpur.

My best picture is of the Gharial that makes a statement “All that shines is not Gold”

The Invisible Spots!

If you sport lovely spots, you would definitely stand out. What if these spots are spread over yellow fur, then even one with bad sight should be able to spot such an endowed beast.
But this one cat though fairly populated is very good to play hide and seek and normally is a winner in this game.
So you would definitely feel jubilant in capturing such an elusive animal 😊 and I am one in this category to click a good shot of this shy and secretive cat!

When the guards are low….

Even the ferocious who is famous for its terrifying look, growl and roar sometimes does sport a vulnerable look. Like all beings they lower their guard during siesta time especially when the sun is blazing hot.


Tigress beckons you for a cuddle😉

The dangerous beast can sometimes give expressions to melt your heart and wish you could give it a cuddle.

This dreamy eyed Tigress just does that!