Guardian of the Moon

Guardian of the Moon: Being guardian of the Moon is no easy task. We got to fly sky high to see it’s not under attack and are required to be all time geared up to quickly blast off at any shout of help!

Some photographers are thoughtful to click us when we at this task😄


Photography of Loss

Photography of Loss: This photographic expression of the Silver Bill and its loss of a treasure reflects so much similar to ours when we grab some opportunity and the joy associated with it, followed by the grumpy expression when we see it getting  out of hand.

Jobs, achievement, promotion and much more you can associate with it!

But this birdie quickly picks up another feather and reaches that happy stage again. Tells us that everything is momentary and nothing remains permanent. Don’t be grumpy for long😉


Christ and his Angels

In one of my visits to Chennai, I passed a Church which had an aura around it. Christ with his open arms against the blue sky and Angels with their wings spread added to the magic.

From a photographers eyes I loved some of my shots out here. Here you go…..

Ruins of Ayutthaya, Thailand

Ruins of Ayutthaya: There is much more to Thailand than Bangkok and the famous beaches. Kingdom of Ayutthaya is one of those. The Kingdom seem to be influenced by Hinduism  and the epic Ramayan and hence been named similar to the sister city of Ayodhaya in India. However, instead of Lord Rama, Buddha seemed to rule the land 🙂

Temple ruins are scattered around and each is a jewel in its own stead. You can sit here and gaze for hours at its beauty. Very few governments are able to keep ruins as ruins and Thailand has done it beautifully.

Its a short drive from Bangkok for those who may just not want to be away from it!!!!!

Namib Desert

Namib Desert: This is one part of Namibia you should not miss. And let me warn you climbing the famous dune in Sossusvlei is not cut for the faint hearted. I have run half marathons and I thought it could be easy as a cake walk. I stopped huffing and panting half way and just couldn’t go all the way to the top and had to act as if the most beautiful sight was where I stopped at😉

My travel mates were pretty cool and went all the way to the peak and seemed as if they were game to go more miles. That puts you to shame for sure😄

Nevertheless got some good shots from the half-dune and some around the Namib desert.

This should be in your bucket list👍

Reality to Fantasy

One that can turn a reality to fantasy in today’s world other than imagination is perhaps Photoshop.

A Full Moon 🌕  well clicked with Clouds around is reality but then when eagles 🦅 around, it denotes fantasy and photoshop helps to cheat a bit😛

Less Famous Brethren

Less Famous Brethren – Chennai’s Armenian Church: If you are visiting Chennai and seek directions to the famous church, you would in most cases will end up at the St Thomas Cathedral unless you ask someone like me and will find yourself knocking the door at Armenian Church located in a tiny dirty lane and waiting for the old care-taker to open the doors and let you in.

One step in, you will be engulfed with so much of serenity and peace. With no single Armenian left in Chennai the erstwhile Madras city, some benefactor has taken lots of pain and spent funds to keep this heritage beautiful structure built in 1772 to remain in a condition for people to appreciate. The crumbling structure needs much more and perhaps need some miracle to sustain for long.

The painting of Virgin Mary is magical and  exudes positive vibrations. You perhaps will be the only visitor out there and would suggest you make the most of it. If nothing else sit in the pews and pray, it’s a beautiful experience👍