Killer Hugs!

Killer Hugs!

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People hug to greet. Yes we have those few who go through this charade and the hug is a travesty for love. And there are the ones where they hug to hurt, kill or defeat the other.

When I saw this moment, I was pleased to think that love is in the air. Indeed it was but it was not between these two gentleman as this awesome hug was to get one of them out of the way so that the winning boy can wed the lady lizard watching the show from a distance!!!!!

It teaches us all that we should not believe all that we see!!!


Troika, luck bearers!


The last many years were a real drought in terms of tiger sighting. You plan your visits with hope to getting some good shots of the majestic yellow-black striped beasts. The level of hope keeps going up like the stock market with every call of the monkey, peacock, deer etc. But then as the stock market crashes so does the hope too at the end of the trip. As you may feel rubbed in when you realise your neighbor made good money and you lost all in the stock market, the sentiments are similar when fellow guests arrive from their safaris and regale you of their cat sightings…..Grrrr….

And then Ranthambore happened to me. The call of the deer this time turned to be true and then I saw the Troika Luck Bearers waiting for me. After that it’s been raining tigers with my next trip the count increasing to four. But this jinx dasher will remain my favourite for all time to comešŸ˜Š

Global Peace Ambassador!

Global Peace Ambassador

Manna of Peace_1

This classic picture of a smiling Buddha’s head entwined in theĀ roots of the Banyan tree somehow tells a story on what calmness could be inĀ todays complex world. Other than all other learnings this wise one has left behind, this picture is a living proof.Ā There are many a folklore that surround on this event and none of which can be established. But I understand nature has known how precious this stone head of the wise sage isĀ to have ensured the smile and the serene face is left undestroyed since the 14th century for generations to come.

If you want to see this marvel, please visit Wat Mahathat in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Solar Birdie Eclipse

Parrot Eclipse

You don’t need to wait forĀ few years for this event to happen. Just two things can help you to achieve this:

  • Fight your laziness and wake up early in the morning
  • Shun your sun-down drink and step out hunting for the sun and one or more bird

Not every time you get one resting on a perch, but even the ones on an electric wire do pretty well in adding to the beauty to the otherwise fiery sun.

I hope the birds do realize the beauty they enhance by being in the right place at the right time!

Some diamonds come cheap!

Rain Dew Drops

They say diamonds are women’s best friend and buying this friendship is not very friendly to the pocket. But thereĀ are some that comes pretty cheap. You just have to step out early in the morning or on a rainy day to enjoy such diamonds.

Ruby and EmeraldĀ too…..

dew drops2

Live up to my name #2 Hornbill

Live up to my name #2 Hornbill


Horn for a bill or a bill that very much resembles a horn! The name for this beautiful bird fits it well. A beautiful bill and looking at its beak’sĀ size on few of the species you may wonder ifĀ it hunts an elephant:)

The bird has many a feat to blow its own trumpet other than its splendid beak.

  • They are monogamous breeders – Faithful in this world:)
  • When the female lays eggs, the entrance of its nest which is a cavity in a tree is sealed shut – excellent mason perhaps, very skilled are they.

Wikipedia also says they are the only birds where the first and second neck vertebrae are fused together and this uniqueness is to ensure that its provides the bird a stable platform for carrying the bill. Don’t you now believe in how brilliant is Almighty:) He/ She probably is a great surgeon and does a marvellous job in imagination and creation.

The bird is wide spread so next time you sight one, enjoy the beauty of the bird and its beak.

Hail Hornbill….

Live up to my name #1- Superb Starling

Live up to my name #1- Superb Starling

In appearance, very few would live up to their name and this bird of Africa just does that. I guess the person who was christening this birdĀ relied on the first expressionĀ on seeing it! Superb Starling is absolutely Superb.

This one would mesmerise you with its shades of glossy blue, reddish orange, black spots on its side wings, white band adorning its chest and to top it all white spots for eyes. And its a starling!!!! Being from India, I did not expect a starling to be so colourful as if it has just come out playing the colour festival of “Holi”.

This one is endemic to East Africa and not wide spread across the continent. As the starling breed goes they are unafraid of the humans and you can always get a good shot for you to say ‘Superb’