Tea cup full of life!

Tea cup full of life: So we all would have read the Arabian Folklore and the famous Genie flowing out of a Bottle or Lamp. Seems it has a distant feathery cousin who pops out of a tiny teacup made of grass and twigs and goes by the name of Paradise Flycatcher.

This one is half the size of a adult human hand but got some great skill to disappear inside this tiny resting hole! I wonder with all the eggs in how does it manage to be comfortable. Of course it should be the mother for sure!!!!!


March for a Cause!

March for a Cause: We all have gathered here for a mighty cause. We the two legged and the winged ones have a grouse with  another breed of two legged and the one who consider themselves as wise as they claim to have bigger brain!!!!!

They have captured the water that we used to wade, dirtied and polluted it and now the greed is increasing day by day where they turn the water to land.

These breed are called mankind. Beware of them. Seem they have something called a heart but unfortunately  it only beats for $$$$$$$ and nothing else 😦


Fou’w’l Inequality

Fou’w’l Inequality: there’s inequality in the bird world too depending on which side of the forest you are born.

If you are born within the boundaries of the woods you become the jungle fowl and your brethren born on the other side becomes Chicken!!!!

Both cock-a-doodle-doo, but the former is photographed and the latter becomes a great dish on the table. Such is the world!!!!

Pictures of the luckier ones👇

Calm in the storm

Many a times we are faced with difficult situations that bother us and we act in various ways to deal with it. Some get so bogged down that they lose the battle even before it’s begun, some opportunist flee away, some fight in frustration and some remain calm to think on the cause and then act on it. Perhaps this calm and thoughtful method may not always be the right approach but most probably the category of people in the group may find more success than all else.

For me this picture tells the above story. This group of doves settled and then kept flying with every slight breeze, another approaching bird and perhaps even at a thought of something invisible approaching. Except some, who were the thoughtful ones and only flew at real danger.


Photography of Loss

Photography of Loss: This photographic expression of the Silver Bill and its loss of a treasure reflects so much similar to ours when we grab some opportunity and the joy associated with it, followed by the grumpy expression when we see it getting  out of hand.

Jobs, achievement, promotion and much more you can associate with it!

But this birdie quickly picks up another feather and reaches that happy stage again. Tells us that everything is momentary and nothing remains permanent. Don’t be grumpy for long😉


Colour in a barren land

Colour in a barren land: When you are traveling in a barren dry land, it has its own charm. The rustic brown landscape can turn up great in pictures.

But then a dash of colour can take this to an  altogether different plateau.  It’s to remind that life can be colourful in such places too and it’s wrong to assume that life here will be all brown and dry👍