Welcome to Magic Land

Some sights are so welcoming and inviting. And its a combination of multiple factors which takes it to this level. Light being the prime most is perhaps the biggest contributor followed by the framing, foreground, background and the object.

Out here the spotted deer, is just half hidden and half visible and clicked closer to eye level, seems asking you to step into his world. Its evening time and with some bit of golden light that has lit the background, gives some good back light effect. Even the horns seem to glow. People, Welcome to Magic Land!


Painted Fields

Painted Fields: Photographing grass fields can yield good results especially when you have people either weeding or harvesting crops. The colour contrast against green or golden yellow comes out quite well.

These bright colour clad workers gave such a photo opportunity. Its nothing special, but the overall mix of colour makes it special I guess. Somehow it attracts me every time I see a similar combination of colours.