Fou’w’l Inequality

Fou’w’l Inequality: there’s inequality in the bird world too depending on which side of the forest you are born.

If you are born within the boundaries of the woods you become the jungle fowl and your brethren born on the other side becomes Chicken!!!!

Both cock-a-doodle-doo, but the former is photographed and the latter becomes a great dish on the table. Such is the world!!!!

Pictures of the luckier ones👇


Leads for toothpaste ad

Leads for toothpaste advertisement: Had two new leads knocking my door for an upcoming toothpaste advertisement of a big conglomerate.

Both have all the personality thats required for this opening, but am bit confused. What say you? Who should be selected?????



Calm in the storm

Many a times we are faced with difficult situations that bother us and we act in various ways to deal with it. Some get so bogged down that they lose the battle even before it’s begun, some opportunist flee away, some fight in frustration and some remain calm to think on the cause and then act on it. Perhaps this calm and thoughtful method may not always be the right approach but most probably the category of people in the group may find more success than all else.

For me this picture tells the above story. This group of doves settled and then kept flying with every slight breeze, another approaching bird and perhaps even at a thought of something invisible approaching. Except some, who were the thoughtful ones and only flew at real danger.


Photography of Loss

Photography of Loss: This photographic expression of the Silver Bill and its loss of a treasure reflects so much similar to ours when we grab some opportunity and the joy associated with it, followed by the grumpy expression when we see it getting  out of hand.

Jobs, achievement, promotion and much more you can associate with it!

But this birdie quickly picks up another feather and reaches that happy stage again. Tells us that everything is momentary and nothing remains permanent. Don’t be grumpy for long😉


Ruins of Ayutthaya, Thailand

Ruins of Ayutthaya: There is much more to Thailand than Bangkok and the famous beaches. Kingdom of Ayutthaya is one of those. The Kingdom seem to be influenced by Hinduism  and the epic Ramayan and hence been named similar to the sister city of Ayodhaya in India. However, instead of Lord Rama, Buddha seemed to rule the land 🙂

Temple ruins are scattered around and each is a jewel in its own stead. You can sit here and gaze for hours at its beauty. Very few governments are able to keep ruins as ruins and Thailand has done it beautifully.

Its a short drive from Bangkok for those who may just not want to be away from it!!!!!