Opportunity and adversity

It’s the end of January and you pack your bags to visit Tal Chappar, The Kingdom of Blackbucks. In North India, end of January is when the harsh winter bids adieu and the land boasts of pleasant weather.

But then we are in a real world and all that we wish doesn’t come true. The unseasonal rain pushes you to be cooped inside the car and wish the bucks to be bit more courageous and stroll close by your car for you to click. The photographer soul in you  whines for bringing this lousy weather, climate change and blah blah blah. But sometimes we do not realise how opportunity strikes in adversity and that’s what happened here. The cloudy weather, the drizzle and the fog created some magic and the shots really turned out well.

Lesson learnt – stop whining, there’s always some opportunity lurking around! Some more pictures to prove this 😊



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