Live up to my name #2 Hornbill

Live up to my name #2 Hornbill


Horn for a bill or a bill that very much resembles a horn! The name for this beautiful bird fits it well. A beautiful bill and looking at its beak’s size on few of the species you may wonder if it hunts an elephant:)

The bird has many a feat to blow its own trumpet other than its splendid beak.

  • They are monogamous breeders – Faithful in this world:)
  • When the female lays eggs, the entrance of its nest which is a cavity in a tree is sealed shut – excellent mason perhaps, very skilled are they.

Wikipedia also says they are the only birds where the first and second neck vertebrae are fused together and this uniqueness is to ensure that its provides the bird a stable platform for carrying the bill. Don’t you now believe in how brilliant is Almighty:) He/ She probably is a great surgeon and does a marvellous job in imagination and creation.

The bird is wide spread so next time you sight one, enjoy the beauty of the bird and its beak.

Hail Hornbill….


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