The baby who took my heart…..

The baby who took my heart…..

baby cheetah_1.jpg

It is not a two legged human baby but one who walks on four 😊

Have heard when you hold your baby the very first time, there is so much of joy and in all that euphoria you tend to cry too. This Cheetah cub gave me all that pleasure even when it was away at a distance and the sight made my heart gladden. All I could do is capture it in my camera and keep gazing at it even years later. I guess it’s that dreamy and innocent look which struck my heart and made it so much more adorable  and thus even now the picture of this little wild one remains so close to my heart. Makes me smile 🙂


A wildlife lover will always jump with glee seeing a Cheetah as only a few of this specie are left in this world ‘free and wild’ and perhaps only in one continent ‘Africa’. But what say you, when you see a Cheetah cub in your first visit? You thank God and get comfort from the feeling that there are few humans with souls left to let them live and be wild.

The black line stretching on the face, the black spots, the baby fur and the little tail make this little one so much adorable and beautiful.

Pray their population rise in the wild grasslands of Africa and beyond!


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