Mister India!



Mister India!The Indian Peacock takes the crown of Mister India undoubtedly for its spectacular beauty and show. It definitely can’t sing as beautiful as a nightingale but the moment it spreads its wing and wears its dancing shoes on, you are left in no doubt why it is the national bird of India.

DSC_8651The women folk similar to all the avian species are paler and lesser head turners than the men.

Elegance personified, grace, beauty is something you can associate with when you see this specie. The rainbow colours and the feather pattern shows how God would be in his artistic spirits while breathing life in them. You would be surprised with the fact that they are very good snake hunters and the snake gets a direct ticket to heaven with a few stomps  under its strong and powerful legs.

Even when the wings are down and if you sight them perched on a tree, the shots are worth to capture.

Have always observed that when I post a picture of peacock the women go gaga and the likes from them are much more than the men. I am not inferring anything on vanity, please hold your horses 🙂

I am happy for a fact that being a national bird, you can’t hunt this gorgeous bird and perhaps that’s why the population is spread across the country. The north and central parts of India boast of having them in plenty than the other parts of the country.

Hail Mister India!



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