The Wise One!

The Wise One!Wonder why are the owls considered wise? I am sure its definitely not cause they sleep during the day, else many of us would also have easily got the title of wiser or wisest 🙂 These ones got the title bequeathed as the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena, somehow turned to have an owl as her symbol!


In India, Mahalakshmi, Goddess of Wealth comes riding on an Owl and so for many seeing this bird counts lucky and they take it a premonition of wealth coming their way. Trust me I have seen many from the ones who are resident Indians, the tourists who come here to take a break from the chilling winter back home and the non residents but my bank account is a real proof of this fallacy.

As all 5 fingers are not of the same length, not all Indians have such good thoughts on seeing an Owl. They consider it unlucky.

Nevertheless, am in love with this creature of God. I have considered myself lucky to have come across many of them and they do always give a good shot. Perhaps the love is mutual I guess:) Just look at them moving their head 360 degrees and you will fall in love with them.

Its a Owl Day, love them, save them and let them prosper in this land. You may never know the Goddess of Wealth may consider stepping in your house for this good deed of yours!

Better be good to me or I show my ugly side and scare you:)



Winking as an effective communication tool can work in many forms. It can be used to share a secret between two, when you pull a leg or crack a joke or just use in flirtation to signal the message: “I’m attracted to you”. This all what Wikipedia says works in humans!!!!

But when the wise feathered one perches next to the window that you gazing out of and then winks at you, what may the message be. I would settle for flirtation I guess😛


Jump for a bride

Jump for a bride – I have seen the African Masai men jump when they seek a bride. The higher you jump, the chances of your bride agreeing to betrothal goes up. The Lesser Florican uses the same trick as courtship display.

During mating season it tries to seek attention with it’s jumping act. It jumps continuously and perhaps in a minute may spring half a dozen times  I guess. Takes a break for 2-3 minutes and begins again to charm the prospective wife!

With dwindling population this one too falls under endangered species.

Jump to glory, wedding and happy times ahead!


❤️ Faced

When you have a face sporting the iconic sign, people may guess it is an easy life for  you. Unfortunately that’s not for the Barn Owl with the dwindling population. Save them and spread the message of ❤️


When Hope Floats!

When Hope Floats! – Even a small black cloud can give hope to a hot sunny land. This one lost cloud who had gained speed in the race with others brings hope that a mighty flock of rain clouds are following somewhere behind loaded with one of the essentials for existence “Water”. Run Mister Cloud and spread the good news to others too…..

Dalai Lama’s Land

Dalai Lama’s Land – Dharamshala the land of the enlightened has much to offer amongst everything peace and joy. You don’t have to meet with the Living Buddha face to face for you to experience this but you can find it in the people, temples, culture, tradition. When you belong to a city that never sleeps this transition is pure bliss and indeed you would end up rejuvenated. Take your time to visit this land in the mountain state of India.

A peek in the photo-journey!


Bad hair day😛

The picture speaks of the situation when you get a haircut that turns out to be terrible but you still pose as if you look like a star😂

Get noticed 😉

Get Noticed – In this competitive world you have to ensure that you get noticed. In early school days the first benchers are the one who get all positive attention, in your teens you vie for the attention of all the people you have crush on and when you start earning it’s the boss that you want to notice you, off course for all the good stuff you believe you done and the story goes on. There are no exceptions even in the avian and the animal world. If you want to be noticed you got to pick that perch or a mound where the photographer thinks you are the star, be it you are a plain jay or a mongrel. Here you go for some of mine👍