The Wise One!

The Wise One!Wonder why are the owls considered wise? I am sure its definitely not cause they sleep during the day, else many of us would also have easily got the title of wiser or wisest 🙂 These ones got the title bequeathed as the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena, somehow turned to have an owl as her symbol!


In India, Mahalakshmi, Goddess of Wealth comes riding on an Owl and so for many seeing this bird counts lucky and they take it a premonition of wealth coming their way. Trust me I have seen many from the ones who are resident Indians, the tourists who come here to take a break from the chilling winter back home and the non residents but my bank account is a real proof of this fallacy.

As all 5 fingers are not of the same length, not all Indians have such good thoughts on seeing an Owl. They consider it unlucky.

Nevertheless, am in love with this creature of God. I have considered myself lucky to have come across many of them and they do always give a good shot. Perhaps the love is mutual I guess:) Just look at them moving their head 360 degrees and you will fall in love with them.

Its a Owl Day, love them, save them and let them prosper in this land. You may never know the Goddess of Wealth may consider stepping in your house for this good deed of yours!

Better be good to me or I show my ugly side and scare you:)


Christening gone wrong

Christening gone wrong: Me, they call a Black Shouldered Kite! I wonder why I was named as such? Was the ornithologist who saw me first was colour blind and missed the ruby red eyes. He could have named me the Ruby Eyed Kite or Precious Kite….Phew!!!!

Let me not be judgemental. Guess I may be snoozing when he spotted me. But if that’s the case I would have preferred the name Snowy Breasted Kite 😉. Humans sometimes make terrible mistakes and we birds have to bear it for the rest of our live and carry such ignominious name. Birds and Beasts are not the only one to bear this brunt always!!! The trend is continuing and now they also try weird names on their offspring too😄😛😉😂


Silhouettes do speak

When the journey of the sun is about to end for the day, it burns the sky to amber and at this moment silhouettes come to life to speak a story for themselves.

The camel man can speak of his adventures, the toy elephant 🐘 may share its woe on its existence devoid of life, the donkey on how it can too eclipse the sun and so on…..


Illusion: you don’t need a magician to trick you and get two heads attached to a trunk.

All you need is a camera and be at the right place and time to create such magical beasts😊

Ps. No Photoshopping here!

Unusual Friends!

Unusual Friends: Today I had to undertake a pre-course test which was to identify an individuals personality. Few questions were on the friends I have. Are they similar to me or wide apart. I found all my best friends were so different than what I am and there is mutual appreciation in what the other is as a person.

I am sure we all have such unusual best friend who is with you in times of joy and adversity!


Thorny Throne

Thorny Throne: How comfortable is this one perched on such a prickly bush. Guess the joy is no more or no less if it would have been a lovely green bush sans the thorns. Perhaps shows when we are going through difficult times, acceptance of the situation, being composed and be optimist that this will pass too is what’s important.

Happy Creations

Happy Creations: Does happy toys also reflect the state of mind of the creator? People sometimes make toys that reflect so much of joy, happiness, smiling faces, carefree souls and so on. But are these creations a reflection of their feelings at that moment or it’s purely their imagination? How can the expressions be so touching when the creator has not experienced it is what I wonder sometimes!

What is the story you see here?

What is the story you see here? I got mine…..The sun came for a sun down drink and seem to lose count of the drink he had, got tipsy and slipped in the pool. He is hanging by the branch now and should drown in a bit with nightfall approaching.

What is the story you see?